Friday, November 30, 2012

A Database of Memory As A Ghost Phenomenon

Geographical Encryption of Non Local Memory? 

In the last post I touched base with Dicken's "A Christmas Carol" wherein Scrooge was haunted by his own memory in the form of interacting with these vivid, albeit ghostly visages of his past, wherein he was able to do what few of us can accomplish, that is to say, we can never experience a raw, unedited view of ourselves from the outside looking in. I mention this both as to the nature of ghosts and the nature of memory, both of which remain as elusive as the nature of consciousness itself. Add into this mix quantum encryption. Well, you may ask, what is quantum encryption? A full explanation is beyond the purposes of this post. However, one can easily find various descriptions of it in relation to the next advances in computers which of course could be thought of as conceptual parallels of the processing that occurs in our minds. Yet a computer is not sentient in of itself. Bear in mind the locations of ghost phenomenon whether it is human ghosts of memory or non human simulations when you read this excerpt from a definition of some of the principals involved in the material manifestations utilizing memory perhaps as a metaphor for experiential paranormal simulations that appear to be material and yet are not.

"The goal of position-based quantum cryptography is to use the geographical location of a player as its (only) credential. For example, one wants to send a message to a player at a specified position with the guarantee that it can only be read if the receiving party is located at that particular position. In the basic task of position-verification, a player Alice wants to convince the (honest) verifiers that she is located at a particular point. It has been shown by Chandran et al. that position-verification using classical protocols is impossible against colluding adversaries (who control all positions except the prover's claimed position). Under various restrictions on the adversaries, schemes are possible..."
Who has access and who does not. Who experiences paranormal realities and who does not. Think of position as coherence in relation to the possession of a key that unlocks non local memory. You cannot read the message unless you share a database or portions thereof being utilized by the sender and these are restricted messages. In other words, not everyone can read them and they may be read incorrectly ( garbled) in the receipt of them as incoherent. 
Then add to this layer cake, the totality of memory both in local and non local fields and the happenstance of experiential access to them, whether it is the form of a human ghost comprised of local memory, or the ghost of various other forms that like biological memory are affixed to materialism by physical neurons in a net and yet cannot be seen except by the mind gaining access to them in a form of local encryption. Yet memory is the essence of ghost encounters on a microcosm. You possess the key.I cannot possess your key.
Both this type of ghost as well as other types represent a simulation of past experiential interaction with the environment via memory, and yet to experience them does not mean, for example that the folks or situations you interact with in a local dream state or a haunting, or alleged non local encounters with aliens are real in the sense of being material. Yet , we fill in the gaps that represent holes in our knowledge of them by saying , in effect, both forms are memory are sentient in of themselves. I find this odd. To me, this is the equivocation of saying there are little people in our television sets, or that the automated call systems we begrudgingly interact with actually represent a live person. Perhaps you catch my drift..
Add to this that everything we experience is indirect by means of simulations. Not that the external world does not exist, but we cannot directly access it other than by the simulations of the mind.


  1. Interesting article, Mr. Duensing

    I thought of you last night writing my last post on Conspiracy and Coincidence on the pesla.blogspot for in trying to see how sound the reasoning was I found similarities on what may be a higher view of these hidden phenomena- specifically where the idea of consciousness meets that of quantum physics. Indeed other bloggers I follow also coincidentally report concern with the super symmetry type theories and their role perhaps in dark matter. So I thought it might be of interest to you as you too write profusely and consider such things.

    These things as possibilities will not go away in our time and level of wisdom- in fact it gives support to some still ill understood but common experience of phenomena. To relate this to our simple models of memory (I assume in a sort of reverse holography) I find an insightful approach.

    L. Edgar Otto ThePeSla

  2. Good to hear from you again. There does seem to be a mirroring of processes that are common on several levels, in terms of memory storage and retrieval and of course, how that is arranged (if so) or interconnected..well, that is to be determined in the future. I have read theories on quantum plenums or if you will, the storage of information and then there is Vallee who claims everything is information and yet that is something any physics student learns. How we read it and process it is more than a little complex as you know, and our senses just don't have much of a reach. It does seem that we have several forms of memory ( in this case) that interact in a multidimensional manner and when they do it seems to make the inside and outside, a matter of debate as to which is which.