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An Indecisive Universe?

The Improvisations of The Paranormal or Is all Memory Living Memory?

A Question of Distinctions
Is the universe being eternally rewritten? Are we more verbs than nouns? Are our memories eaten as we eat "life" by digesting experience, attenuated oddly enough by again, the vagarious forms and natures of both human and non human memory? Where do we end and the outer world begins? If so, are we speaking of what Dr Irvine Laslo called the quantum plenum, the transpersonal memory and it's relationship to a energetic genome of stored data we call a database? What he called a plenum, I called a hive. Who recalls Stewart Brand who created the term coevolution prior to the advent of systems analysis? Art Kleps once said his car performed according to the mood he was in long before Princeton opened the PEAR experiment that explored human influences on statistical probabilities and the influence is there. Coevolution?  Chose your associations and throw your hat into the ring of fire that are the referents we utilize as descriptors..  From a virus to a human being in the whole of nature in the context of the paranormal, their shared nature is improvisational upon forms. Once the genome of their memory is altered through improvisation, the parameters of laws that apply to them would change.

Is God An Experimenter Rather Than A Rule Maker?
If this is so, than the scrapbook of postcards from the universe is less an Askatic Record than Borges Library of Babel in The Crimson Hexagon, with each book an infinite variable of a volume lacking a key, an index that by means of it would compress space itself into a comprehensible form rather than the incommensurable nature of the aggregate sum of  variability in the Library's volumes. .Another words, it is the recombinate library of a what could be called far from static. Perhaps it would be continually expanding in search of it's own nature, which is missing, hence the patrons, or librarians are like bees, collecting variations in search of patterns. Is this the nature behind the shorthand theism most utilize when they refer to God? Is God a plenum of energy as information as non judgmental as to not play favorites? Does an accident have a role that defys our conceptual dreams that the universe is a fine Swiss watch? Godel weighs in. Gurdjieff's notation of intervals in the Pythagorean musicology. Accident and uncertainty are the bane of rational calculation but perhaps we should allow them back into the room.

The Lost Transpersonal Memory of History
The concept of myth as a legominism or transmitter in the nature of a carrier wave to be captured by a concept similar to quantum coherence, where depending on who is looking either the myth as a carrier of inner knowledge is taken literally or one begins to reconstruct a sort of lost language that Joesph Cambell was intimately familiar with perhaps. Or the reader of "Hamlet's Mill" discovers, that not all transmissions across space are external but utilize external forms to coat memory as a metaphor in story book form taken as fairy tales by what RA Wilson termed naive realism.
The resurrection of memory from the body of myth. Accident and uncertainty point to self comforting revisionism to be taken literally, just as language can objectify the incommensurable.   A sort of double twist, or as Rd Laing might say  a knot becoming a series of knots.

The Human Experiment
In this we see thru the mediums of transmission daily that the quantity of information is disproportionate to it's quality.Oops, the human factor..stumbles. The Hindu expression of human nature as a monkey gathering bananas from a tree or the Gnostic interpretation of Man through the parable of a Christian Jesus riding atop a stubborn donkey he must master, the entanglement of the perceptual senses. The irony of a literal interpretation focused on the external in a literal historical sense. Or as one Sufi expressed, "religion ( from the root word of relinking) turned strange."  Or, perhaps Mickey Mouse as the Sorcerers Apprentice, that illustrates the disproportionate balance between Knowledge and Being.

Rule Makers
We seek the theory of everything while the spaces between visibility define materialism as in the universe of G Spencer Brown's "distinctions." held within " The Laws of Form." When I first came across his theory what came to mind was more than a bit surrealistic.

Maybe this theme of lawful behaviorism could be applied to automobiles, and we could make a law that outlawed accidents. Or, post a sign to the portal of the universe and make it clear that we do not tolerate improvisation around these here parts. We only accept the navigation of  our ruts as a condition of your behavior and if you try to improvise your way around them, we will flatten your creativity with a sledge hammer. We here you all speak the same language, eat the same food and think the same thoughts.
Maybe the law of circles was a spiral across three dimensions, that was traversing  a multiverse that was terminally indecisive continually experimenting in search of a self image.  One man's law is another's outlier that does not require stinkin badges as an edict of the universe's vast capabilities. The allowed versus the outlawed in familiar domesticated forms whose laws  that we only as provincial  rubes obey.Why? Perhaps we have no mind of our own. The transpersonal may be closer to our jugular veins than we assume it to be by the borrowed and threadbare name games we play.

Parallel Processing On A Vast Scale
In this, I suspect we have parallel processing, imagine every human being on this planet as a processor all all of the processors are networked, interpreting what they see in the billions every millisecond and of course as every physics student knows energy is information, making the chaotic coherent by various interpretive mediums that are simply referents. Language is not an object yet it is treated as one. The more I research various aspects of the paranormal, what I observe seems to follow the dynamics of genetics in it's variability, which seems to be coevolutionary in relation to improvisation, We are altered in variability and the rules follow a game of improvisational adaptability. The paranormal experience seems to have evolved and continues to do so without our direct knowledge and the only trace effects we can observe are as random as snowflake patterns yet all of them are snowflakes in direct comparison to laws of form as we understand them.

Amnesia: The Eternal Return To Childhood In The Universe
As a potentially self aware observer of myself I can only exist by the nature of my senses in the present. You are much the same and yet we both also exist in the past, as well as within any future space we may occupy. All of this an incomplete expression of the relationship of memory to the present for both of us.
The older I become, the less I know, and the more I know, the more what I do know is of a theoretical nature hence a deeper appreciation for small things, even forgotten things like antique toys, the smell of fresh cut grass and broken promises. Magic that both bodes the cynic as well as the optimist, but perhaps it is all a  matter of the vicissitudes of memory. Or like the lost metaphors of the human condition, it may be a case of amnesia due to the thrall of perception itself. Knowledge itself may be a knot of inferred relations based on the suggestibility of a imbalance of animal senses to the environment where we become convinced of this or that...based on a language that is disproportionately entangled to material objects. Call it biological hypnosis of consciousness that keeps planetary species systems of reproduction, gathering and self induced population controls ( war ) maintained.. 


The Language of Spacial and Energetic Information
Time is space as space is time and transpersonal space is an eternity, and eternity is a subjective noun to the observer of this night country, illuminated by an irradiating sun.
What of us as being both similar creatures and yet differentiated by our memory and what of locality both near as far and far as near? Here is one point of view, one that comes as always with qualifiers and yet  there is an echo of the transpersonal as well as a human scale , directed to the audience, perhaps a bit sleepy after having eaten their lunches before Vallee's lecture at TED. I first viewed this video after a series of exchanges with an acquaintance of mine, Rick Phillips on the equally theoretical non existence of what is called Now, which is so deeply entangled in the past present and future of variability that any infinitesimal parsing of it's meaningful valuation appears to be, to say the least, arbitrary.  To make ourselves terms that allow us to understand one another on the most fundamental terms is also a sort of prismatic prison, what W.S Burroughs called "the virus of language".

Recombinations Of Memory to The Material to The Intangible
Yet what of the relationship of memory to space and can all that exist be termed simply and elegantly as "information" within this virus of language? Listen for a moment and then recall a particularly vivid memory. Is this memory transpersonal in it's actual nature by being in relationship with all the relationships of information we digest and process as suggested by Persinger to be akin to a networked system? Or what John Lilly termed the human condition of energy as transception, a verb termed  transceiving that is one of billions of attenuation's of variability in a field so vast, we are perhaps invisible to ourselves from this perspective but remaining integral to a genome that adapts, transforms and itself as both a material and immaterial hologram, that as al Arabi noted, the spiritual becomes material while the material becomes spiritual. The vision of Jacobs ladder borrowed by the Gnostic Alchemists through the earliest written conceptual basis of what became Gurdjieff's system of Octaves, originally penned by Pythagoras. It may be more jazz than we can imagine.

 Language as a virus that is transmitted and we it's common carriers but not ourselves alone. Our associations as filters of language based on our own contexts, yet this variability adds to a body of work.. Substitute Al Arabi's spiritual with the term  non-material or ,as physics terms it, a Wave. Take the material as Particles and the transmission between a wave and a particle is a transception that is attenuated by it's local nature wherein it is manifested by various lens of a more global integrated awareness, whether it is  of a Worm or that of  Homo Sapiens in a co-evolutionary context..Systems Analysis something that Vallee is keenly aware of. A great deal of Al Arabi's cosmology can be gleaned from transcribing his vocabulary to our own. His cosmology is a memory he generated through the medium of his time. Books of information, what I call meta-novels of memory perpetually being an indecisive universe that over writes it's memory through us.
 Then again, if information is material as Gurdjieff and Vallee suggest to us that it is maybe how it's played is a factor. More like jazz than scripts.

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