Monday, March 21, 2011

The Impracticable and The Paranormal and Nice Clothes.

Of Washing Machines and The Internet Age

As a tool creating species and a  user of tools, practicality is a biological constraint of circumstance in one respect and in another, when either emerging or being immersed in the paranormal, the biological urge that is one of the trick bags of the mind, the superimposition of projecting our purposes onto the strange is such a strong imprint, that has me and perhaps yourself entangled up to our knees.

The imaginary puppetry of the personality cannot resist grabbing onto the tree to pull down a harvest of bananas as a sort of food for the game of engaging one realm onto another. Making shirts out of belief or even seeking belief as a biological imperative. Nice shirt, nice clothes while dodging uncertainty. Oh, you got that nice clean blouse dirty or getting a tear in your pants while dodging slings and arrows. The paranormal as a testing facility for the impractical, versus the scripts we prefer. I like chocolate and hate asparagus.  The boss calls you in. "Who made that decision?" Er, no one, it's just  there or here or a preference, not really a conscious choice as it were.. the trickster masked as choice in a garden of delights that also frames the unpalatable perhaps at times as impractical, non-usable, a waste of time...non productive in the lens of utility, purposeful behaviors and the like..toward "what nice clothes we have on" have good taste, or the binary of it's shabby sheen, or to think to oneself, that man or woman has no taste. 

Behind all this is a mystery as they say wrapped in a enigma, and our poses before it's mirror that seemingly wash away, and scrub clean those nasty grass stains.  The binary of believer and the skeptic as a motor, a dynamo that produces a heat engine of the uncertain. We hang onto our hats it's a bumpy ride. Others fall off, some become evangelicals of the practical imposed on the impractical, domesticating uncertainty.

Call this a fashion statement.


  1. Nice shirt Bruce.

    Many people, my dad included, live their lives torn between a need to believe and deep distrust about what they are being told. In this world, the more successful will tend to sublimate the distrust and accept one or another socially validated belief set. For those willing to remain more aware, reality seems to wipe any belief away, given enough time.

    The current ‘point’ of our evolution is to establish a process oriented model of reality (nature) whereby our beliefs become provisional because we can see that our words and concepts always encompass only limited aspects of the larger totality.

    Maybe then our motor can produce more than just heat.

  2. Hi
    Agreed. I wrote this as much as a meditation oriented toward a self skepticism, toward myself which then ( as I am no exception) reflects back on my social environment. I think we all go through a cycle of expansion and contraction, pushing out and pulling back. When I pull back, I find myself saying everything is rubbish, my research is rubbish, blah, blah. Then Uncle Gurdjieff steps up and says its not about you. I forgot. He said it very well in that all of "this" is like swimming upstream and it takes a lot of energy to stay near the surface and not sink to the bottom. To stay on topic if you will and it's a real challenge when it comes to intent or as he would say, having an aim and following through regardless.
    At times I have this sinking feeling that when it's over and the machinery shuts down, the dynamo grinds to a halt, and I vanish..then life will begin with myself saying to myself, how could I have been so wrong? I remain bewildered but keep swinging the bat..