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A New Context For Unidentified Atmospheric Phenomenon

With UAP, you have the observer and what was observed in a relationship where information takes on a life of it’s own and does not follow how our normal experiential rules of a predictable context whose chief characteristic crosses the biological boundary between sleep and waking cycles.
These experiences are waking dreams, unpredictable while remaining recognizable.
Certainly neurology is one of several keys to unlock the processing of information in the brain as we are not consciously aware of as everything we are is based on the brains simulation of experience itself.
Nothing can be directly experienced although we are under the illusion that we do.
We continually hear our own voice in our head and yet there is no tongue or larynx to produce sound as well as not requiring ears to hear ourselves speak and yet we constantly accept this inner” voice“as a normal state of affairs as direct experience but it is not.
We are so embedded in this simulation we never question it’s roots.
Our normal waking state relies on predictable pathways based on established relationships in the triad of semiotics ( syntax, semantics, pragmatics)  we call cognition ( recognition) based on the brain simulating the environment. What UAP does is disturb this processing by pathways through the randomising of semiotics. For me this represents an event (relationship) that is parasitic and utilizes information from the brain simulations to signal a something beyond our territory that manipulates our normal simulations by isolating them which results in a waking dream state. This “alien” programming is prone to interpretation by the creation of red herring or straw dog images or representations which account for the wide variety of forms and how these transferences are carried. Flying chariots, spaceships of an endless variety, robots, blonde Venusians, Reptiles..the list is endless.

The living world is recombinant and enjoined in the processing of information as a singularity from every possible perspective from insects to elephants to human beings that represents a compounded and active database and while due to our own orientation as we make the critical assumption we are isolated from these parallel processing subsystems, we are embedded deeply  within it.
While the adaptation of the processing units we call living creatures are in flux they all share a common system based on solar energy as well as common constituent foods and information can be considered both a food and a binding agent.
The aggregate sum of processing that is occurring as I write this is incommensurable to any description or adjective I could attempt to tag it with. The same would apply to it’s nature as a planetary singularity. One could say information is a living system as much as any ecology that has physicality. To say the processing power of this singularity is enormous or daunting is an understatement.  One could say it is a living field of energy as energy is information. If we came into direct contact with this field, I think it is safe to assume, we would not only be unable to process it but it could be we would fall back into our own orientation and end up with what UAP essentially represents, a disturbance of our semiotics whose result would be mismatched equivalences as images and nonsensical messages...a waking dream state.

We know that our atmosphere can carry energy in the form of information as we have an endless variety of sending and receiving devices as well as various wavelengths and decryption methods to receive and send them. What of an energy of information as a field that constitutes the sum total of consciousness that perhaps the atmosphere carries as well? Would this account for a portion of what is termed PSI activity such as ESP  or other anomalies of cognition? 
One could say every device we have created borrows from nature. That is to say, the nature we know of and there is more than we do not know than we do.
That much is obvious.

This relationship between anticipation and memory is based on our own experiential and environmental realities, where linear causality has a set route where we posit “if this is so then what? based on the aforementioned principles. The results are predictable to an extent in terms of cause and effect by the use of logic. This is, if anything, a fallible premise when it comes to UAP.

As the same pathway we follow in our mentations creates psychic scenarios that are associated with UAP that mark a boundary on the other side of logic, we encounter reports of anti-structure. Every night as we sleep the mind creates internal simulations that can be astonishingly vivid that have no roots in physicality as images if you discount the material nature of neurons. One could say dreams are an offshoot of the observer effect when the external environment's connection to processing is severed. One thinks of the same effect in a waking state that was created when John C Lilly placed individuals in a isolation tank. One could say that UAP also isolates the individual from his external environment within a unique and unknown energy field that results in a comparable situation as in the aforementioned examples.

This rerouting of critical assumptions is  a contradiction by observation and interaction of own benchmarks that is very similar to how dreams are organised as quantum information lodged between actuality and very out of context organisation. The similarity of observer effects in the laboratory and what is observed with the confines of a UAP event both share effects based on anticipation, and both are projected in an interaction between the organisation of information in the environment and that which is chosen by the observer as a outcome. 

One could also say that no two individuals share the same dream scenario unless they have been exposed to an account containing identical information which then becomes part of one's memory. In terms of UAP the distribution through media may represent a similar process that accounts for a very transient repetition of certain images. These become a waveform phenomenon until the passage of time weakens their impact and then they are supplanted by other images all of which are represented by stored information in one's memory.

This exchange of information is subject to variability which is also demonstrated in the wide variety of “creatures” and craft in UAP accounts.
I would call this quantum information state one of several secondary effects, the chief feature of which is a high atmospheric energy potential that somehow  is very similar to weather systems. One could say that the result is radiant atmospheric energy which has a profound effect on information processing. The evidence of high and localized energy levels have been measured time and again whether it is in ground traces, ambient readings, burn marks, or chemical interactions with living materials.
It has a material ,energetic atmospheric basis and a psychic effect that is cyclic and yet unpredictable in terms of forecasting a wave of events much like the movement pressure fronts that create atmospheric storms.

In the mapping of gravitational anomalies which include electromagnetic disturbances that are geologically based, that are further qualified by their distance from ambient sources of electrical and communication systems, you have the same effects in other “paranormal” categories of anomalies.  This probability factor of an event occurring versus none have in common  less ambient background signal noise caused by electrical and communications systems whether it is in a remote forest, desert, or at night when less electrical activity in the atmosphere created by these sources.
This similarity of preconditions has been overlooked that is shared between experiential anomalies in terms of psychic effects. One classification of “ghost like” apparitions versus another where in chief characteristics, they share many similarities.

There is a unknown relationship similar to a dipole between atmospheric energy and these geological locations that when conditions are ripe, and strange things happen as a result and these are subject to flux and repetition just like a weather system. They cause transient disturbances or influences on how we normally process information.

We organise information by matching according to location. That is to say when the mind becomes disoriented and cannot find an exact match to account for a high level of disorientation, we create associative anticipations of strangeness that mix the familiar with the unfamiliar by location where we anticipate them to match their environmental context, such as  in a house, we see ghosts of what we would anticipate..that is the human beings who may dwell there. Outside we see craft and their associated creatures to account for dissociation to fill in the blanks and this is subject to variability by the observer effect. The information stored in memory of what symbols represent strangeness are projected upon and as a reaction formulate themselves in reaction to dissociation in both cases.

In effect, the study of this effect and within the popular media that attempt to infiltrate the causes of these effects, the study has been trying to derive a rational explanation for psychic projections and they are taken as evidence like straw dogs or red herrings that have a reality of their own and in the end contradict themselves when compared to one another in the aggregate sum
Supernatural is a oddly contradictory word. The connotation to supernatural is that certain events occur outside of nature. A more accurate way of looking at the meaning of this word would be to say some events occur due to an unknown aspect of nature rather than being outside of it.

John Keel came close to accurately describing the nature of this beast but fell into the supernatural trap of assigning demons, and other assorted creatures whose sole aim was to bedevil us.

Jacques Vallee also considered the possibility of a non human intelligence behind these events via his control system theory and while I am open to the subtle influence these events create, I see nothing that has fundamentally changed from this controlling theory outside of the outgrowth of 21st Century superstitions which then circles back to Keel’s world view.

If this represents a combination of unknown natural forces, one can only hope that they are never discovered and harnessed. The effect would be a daunting non lethal weapon system .

If an outside (presumably extraterrestrial) is wielding these same forces the only purpose I could think of was to soften up the defensive barriers of human fears in advance of “the real thing”.

The continual off and on pattern of these events as Vallee sees it, is a reinforcement technique so one could say that their benign effect , while startling, demonstrates we have nothing to fear if that is what is being reinforced.

On the other hand, if you plant a hundred red herrings or straw dogs around as false targets, how can your subject determine which are real and which are not?
On the probability scale these alternatives seem unlikely although we like to think we have some unique and significant quality that would motivate this, while when one considers the vastness of the universe and the enormous diversity it contains, this seems unlikely.

One could say there is a sublimated reason for resisting this concept that several interactions occur in a certain combination that affect the mind as it is disquieting that we are prone to waking dreams. It is much easier to project the same on mysterious agents flying spacecraft that are real.

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