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The Alchemy of Unidentified Atmospheric Anomalies And Ritual Initiation

Expanded and Revised August 2 2014

"I think the anthropocentric take of making the deconstructive essence at the core of this phenomenon an object of rational inquiry focused on ourselves is a commentary in of itself.
The scrutiny of our fellow beings as witnesses, the outrageous claims of cultists, the conspiracy angle of the military etc strikes me as navel gazing. Whereas if the point is the creation of semiotic illogic, the utilization of logic to “decipher” a would be codex is like using a hammer to paint a wall. 

If this centuries old exercise to churn the unanswered question regarding our place in relation to where we are situated is a means rather than the subject of the object, we are asking the wrong questions in my view. It is not as direct as everyday phenomenon. I noticed in the comments a lot of self referencing our own cultural material which is only a small portion of the overall rubric.

This has more to do with the traditional roots of language characterized in the term charisma associated with magical, the miraculous, the liminal as attached to our earliest forms of curiosity regarding the natural world..I would suggest our modern myths are no more sophisticated than those of many centuries ago, and what we call civilization is a misnomer..nothing has essentially changed. We want the immaterial made material in our terms as thats all we know. 

I think Jorges Borges said it best..
“......we have dreamt the world. We have dreamt it resistant, mysterious, visible, ubiquitous in space and firm in time; but we have left in its architecture tenuous and eternal interstices of unreason, so that we know it is false.”

-A comment by yours truly at Richard Reynolds always provocative "UFO Iconoclasts"

The alchemical gaseous state as compared to the liquid state in the cosmological models of consciousness has always been an interesting facet of metaphorical analysis when it comes to experiential anomalies. 
In other words UAP seems to fit into the triad of alchemy of three, which is allegedly required for any nexus of any manifestation as in this specific case, it can be a solid, a liquid or a gas as states seen in our atmosphere in terms of locality..It is seen as ghost like ( atmospheric), ice ( a solid physical "craft") and liquid ( seen as ever changing) 

All of this bears some relation to what the father of Cybernetics, Gregory Bateson observed in that the way the universe works and the way human thought works are two entirely different processes. 

Bateson used the term "metalogic" to describe these processes and I began to see a series of parallels between how the potential operating system of this phenomenon manifests itself as a opposing mirror of consensus terms that create our current conceptual models of reality.

Logic concerns the truths that may be derived using a logical system. In contrast, metalogic concerns the truths that may be derived about the languages and systems that are used to express truths in order to examine their origins. 

In other words revealing the self referential basis of logic is the aim of metalogic.

Interesting also is that semiotics uses the same formulation of a triadic relationship which appears to be a staged fulcrum used by this phenomenon to rearrange possibilities by placing the familiar in a unfamiliar context. An upending of logical relationships by metalogic.

Particularly striking is the lack of a message as we understand learning strategies inasmuch as it dissolves the ancient and still prevalent concept of a monarchical ordering  of the universe from the top down. This process suggests it is ordered from the bottom up.

Or it may represent the cosmology that represents a reciprocal evolution between the observer and the observer, both utilize the other to determine a orientation by disclosure through the comparison of relationships between two states or two universes of awareness.

 For lack of a better word, a relationship evolving by the creating of identities by the comparison process that is analogous to a mirror.

 We are used to explore the living universe so that it may observe itself and we explore the universe to determine our nature by comparison, both of which are proactive in play by synthesis. 

If this is so, we have another example of the triad in that between the two observers, we have created a third reconciling principle or force analogous to the example of electricity in terms of polarization creating a unifying principle.

The abstractions of quantum physics seem to indicate a similar and analogous effect in the transitioning of energy being steered by an observer effect. Is there more than one observer?  What exactly is observing us?

Another striking and odd correlation was the resemblance of all of the above to Demming Principles which were the result of his engineering and mathematical background which he used to implement continuous  process improvement in manufacturing processes, for which I was trained in my own former role as a project manager prior to my retirement. 
The four facets of this process were: 

1. An appreciation of a system,
2, Understanding of variation,
3. Psychology
Epistemology, or a theory of knowledge.

What the process is and what is being manufactured is of keen interest in terms of this phenomenon. If one takes away the outmoded conceptual model of everything succeeds or fails from a monarchical top down process, and observe the success or failure of processing improvement is judged by the results, I would respond that the ball is in our court and we dropped the ball.

One could say this is a litmus test.

Again recall that energy and information are  Janus faces to one another.

What is noteworthy is Jacques Vallee's characterization of this phenomenon in using the term "incommensurable" compared to similarities which do exist in this phenomenon as a unifying principle and this is an exact match to the hermetic term used by the technical language of Ibn Al-Arabi, a 12th Century mystic to describe the aggregate sum of what deconstructs present day logical analysis of the same phenomenon we characterize as charismatic  or magical.

This is the triad of human semiotics from which we derive relationships that seems to be the nexus of manifestation this phenomenon steers to differentiate.

The tripling of polarities arising from a single manifestation in the natural world inasmuch as all we have to do is plug in a lamp to see one example work. A positive line feeds to a negative line and either side of an electrical circuit that creates a third reconciling neutral circuity. So there are three extrapolations of a triangulation..semiotics, states of water, air and ice as well as electricity which would fall under the alchemical analogy of fire. Of course there are more examples but it's easy to go off into the ether of parallelisms in this aspect of the subject.

Fire as the symbol for energy and then there is energy as information and then we add the states of the mind and it's internal combustion engine of storage transmission and transformation could say all of this falls into the alchemistry of transmutation that bridges physicality to the invisible..all within the purview of the observer's points of reference. Some have an expansive range of references as observers, some few..some are exceptional.

Our frames of reference make possible the extensions of what is yet inconceivable and using Tesla as an example, the transition in alchemy from the imaginal realm to the empirical in this stratagem of  reconstructing frameworks by deconstructing them appears pragmatic.

Opening an interstatial gap that allows other possibilities to be formulated by innovation through the synthesis of comparisons.

Perhaps this exercise in alchemy is to expand and differentiate the range of references, and of course we know that time as a linear causation has been replaced by space and spacetime is sensed by the comparison of observable references. One thinks of the "lost time" observations of some witnesses..a seeming commonality across a variegated field of references.

What is also interesting if we superimpose this alchemy onto UAP, it appears to be reflexive in a feedback loop that monitors cultural developments and the associated critical assumptions that lead to it's effects. It seems to steer us to thinking in other categories rather than channeling
by way of our current knowledge by way of the critical assumptions knowledge utilizes to build it's architecture of logic. 

Paul Kimball made a pithy observation in noting that this phenomenon crosses the boundaries between art, perception, the deconstructive mediums of surrealism and when articulating any of this in a empirical or logical direct concept, it's terms are anti-structural and yet have a definitive creative impetus and aim.

It seems to be only editorial in the sense of calling into question where we place our selves in a larger context in relation to evolutionary development..a sort of crib blindness, a self referential dictionary of terms.....

  In alchemy, if we superimpose the next number up which is four, we have the four traditional elements ( earth, air, fire and water ) found in it as a context for where it seems to be localized and by way of this same reflexive stratagem, we ask has it's locality shifted as a transitional expansion of it's territorial boundaries? From air to earth, from UAP to sightings of another deconstructive form of semiotics with similar characteristics? 
In other words from impossible flying craft in the air to equally impossible earth bound creatures called by a variety of monikers from Bigfoot to Sasquatch? Again this seems to be a parody of our own value judgments in regard to technology versus consciousness  

As HG Welles said We were making the future, and hardly any of us troubled to think what future we were making.”

Of course all of this is not the subject of the object within itself. 
UAP seems to say, don't focus on what is in my hand bur rather what I am pointing to.

The old adage that water takes on the color of it’s container seems apt when it comes to the conceptual modeling that is applied to UAP. 
All of this is particularly interesting in terms of “ground up” deconstructive semiotics using the fulcrum of appearances to unravel an individuals programming by bringing them into the threshold of liminality without further explanation in terms of “telling them what to think” . 

In other words it's stratagem may be ritual initiation based on individuation from within by posing semiotic contradictions to our concepts of linear causation, rational and empirical logic as well as the core of our orientation by way of current conceptual modeling related to the physicality and nature of perception.

 In other words, it is a contest between developmental learning curves in contrast. 
Self disclosure versus disclosure from without in the traditional formulation of rote repetition.

The prod to self analysis and ritual initiation by curiosity of course has a trickster element to it inasmuch as the strategy is indirect versus a series of empirical statements, or degrees..a tactic utilised by this rote repetition and imprinting we have all experienced from childhood onward. 

This has the musical notation of interval associated with it inasmuch as it represents the deconstruction of the present prior to the arrival of it’s replacement in an evolutionary sense.

One could call this a churning process that has occurred over the centuries using an expression of deconstructive semiotics by way of charisma.The more I pondered the chief characteristics of UAP the more it resembled Jacques Vallees conceptual model of a steering system in that it had no integral message in of itself but rather the message directed individually to promote "learning how to learn".

I suppose one could say that the anti-structural elements of this process are as important as the application of a binary code. The off segment of a string could easily be construed as zero which is equivalent to the spaces between A and B, or more cogently the physical spaces between the alphabetic characters you are translating. Otherwise they would be indecipherable without the interval of anti-structure. The one in this code seems to correspond more to a liquid than to a gaseous state in alchemical conceptual modeling..there is no fixative outside of imprinting which the prescriptive antidote for which seems to be a playing with semiotics by which taking them out of their imprinted context opens up space or zero or whatever descriptive noun would do.

In classical alchemy there was the trickster element as a stratagem to avoid the probing of the Inquisition using chemical compounding to turn base metals into gold as a misdirection of attention and then of course in light of the container coloring what is observed, it is as if the formulation took this account so that it’s actual purpose toward the evolution of consciousness was hidden. All of this being based on it’s self directed participation in the alchemical process versus the imprinting of intercessors in the form of the church as a controlling pathology with the aim of a steerable commodity inculcated in the populace. 

A form of guerrilla warfare in it’s time on psychic terms. What is operating this systemic infusion of variability for our purposes in the context of UAP...What is conducting this?

Is coincidence simply a post it note we paste on this on which we write.."Must return to later?"

Then again these passing ruminations of yours truly began with the injection or superimposition of alchemy into UAP.

And these visions occur in the gaseous atmosphere that surrounds us that we breath and in a sense of the word... provide combustion as fuel for thought in a literal sense, another alchemical correspondence

Is there a correspondence? I leave that to you as always.

Of course then theres the combustion inherent in energy whose parallelism is within the alchemical representation of fire...perhaps theres more than ( as they say) meets the eye.

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