Sunday, September 28, 2014

A Quantum Afterlife?

Of Stuart Hameroff, Solaris, Microtubules, Mirrors and The Tao of Realism

Sleep and dreams as the mirrored representation of Death?
Some metaphysical texts call this relationship a Janus face of a lesser and greater resurrection within a cyclic reconstruction of continual innovation, or perhaps experiment within an unimaginable scale.
If Stuart Hameroff isn't brilliant, I don't know who is. If you follow his exegesis from beginning to end, you might come away with the same impression that occurred to me. As a metaphor we seem to be evolving beyond the electro-mechanical functioning of the mind \ brain relationship to an electronic one ..but then again, as he observes, the mind\ brain is more than computational. A fascinating journey on the mind refracting upon the mind as if ( once again ) as the point of his experimenting is " to see what happens" within the same process occurring to him from without as he speaks.
Strange geometries to be sure.
This interview brought to mind that in every fiction, there is truth and in every truth there is fiction  as a representation of a Tao within consideration. As a extension of this thought is in relation to the film Solaris wherein a simulated sentience has the capability to realize it's nature as artifice and yet has an inherent reality within many realities. Food for thought.

If this is so, the implications of both Solaris as a work of fiction as well as Hameroff's quest to unravel appearances, the implications of either one as grist for the mill makes our current conceptual models largely the byproduct of another form of dream, the imagination as a quantum utility of rationality...On each side of the mirror one wonders what the other is in relation to a chicken or the egg zen koan.


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